The Best Cheer Uniforms and Twirler, & Dance Costumes Ever by DA Designs

Discover our favorite cheer, twirling, and dance costumes ever – and get inspired to create your next customized look with DA Designs. From cute ruffles and colorful bows to cutting-edge dance couture – our best dance costumes showcase a clever combination of creativity, style, and most importantly: FUN!

Big Girl Outfits

  1. Sexy Cut-Out Costume – Right on trend with edgy cut-out fabric, this black and gold outfit is cool and contemporary. Elegant long sleeves balance out the sexy peek-a-boo look, and cute boy shorts give it a modern vibe. A stylish gold chain adds the final touch.
  2. Sexy Cut-Out Costume

Cookie-Cutter vs. Custom-Made Dance Costumes: 6 Crucial Differences to Help You Choose Correctly

Discover six differences between custom dance outfits vs. catalog costumes, and decide if DA Designs is right for you. Tailor-made and mass-produced outfits can vary greatly when it comes to quality, originality, and design. Learn the pros and cons of each, and make the right choice for your team.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Pro Teams

#1. Originality

DA Designs costumes are 100% custom-made, and created from scratch just for you. Some companies claim to make “custom” outfits, but they are really just using the same template over and over. They’ll switch out a button for a bow, and pretend that it’s one of a kind.

But you can tell the difference – and so can the judges. DA Designs doesn’t make cookie-cutter costumes. We start with an idea and create a 100% original piece, from the drawing to the finished outfit. You’ll never run into another team that’s wearing the same thing.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Majorettes

#2. Quality

At DA Designs, we hire the best seamstresses in the business to make costumes of the highest quality craftsmanship. Every outfit is sewn with great care to be extremely

10 Guaranteed Tips to Take Care of Your Custom Dance Costume So It Stays Sensational

Spandex, sequins, rhinestones and fringe – your custom-made DA Designs dance outfit is a true work of art. Our costumes are handcrafted with the highest-quality fabric and workmanship, and with a little TLC they’ll stay in excellent condition.

Do you know how to take care of your custom dance costume so that it stays beautiful as long as possible? Discover ten top tips from the pros at DA Designs Don’t just throw it in the bottom of your bag! Learn how to take care of your custom dance costume, and keep it beautiful longer with a little TLC

Discover ten quick tips to take care of your custom dance costume. Give your outfit the love it needs, and keep it looking beautiful as long as possible.

  1. Treat your custom costume with extreme care. When you are putting your costume on and taking it off, be sure not to over-stretch it in any way. Use delicate motions while you’re getting dressed and undressed.
  2. Hang your costume up after each use until it is completely dry. Passionate performers work up a sweat – and that’s okay! Just make sure that your outfit dries completely before you put it away in a drawer or on a closet shelf. Damp clothes that aren’t allowed to dry can grow mildew, which can be hard to remove (and it smells!).
  3. Store your costume in a safe, dry location away from direct sunlight. Don’t cram your garment into a too-tight space – give it room to breathe instead.

Always Be Prepared: Creating Your Costume in Three Steps

3-steps-costumeYou wouldn’t show up to a test empty-handed—rather, empty-headed—right?

A successful costume has to start somewhere … and it’s with the client! Every D.A. Designs costume begins with a client consultation in person or over the phone or Internet to determine the best fit for you, whether it’s for a college team or a solo recital.

But before we construct your killer costume, we need some help from you!

Keep reading for the three key steps to creating a winning costume.