We are passionate about translating your ideas, themes and style into performance wear that is eye-catching, well-fitting and award-winning.

Ordering from D.A. Designs Dancewear is easy.

We can work within your budget to create costumes, uniforms or travel wear for your team. For a free quote and design consultation, just call us at 1 (866) 650-0312 or fill out our inquiry form. We will ask you questions like how many garments you need, your budget, sizes, restrictions, and what music you have chosen for your routines. We can then put together a quote and design for you based on your needs.


Your D.A. Designs costume is 100-percent custom-made using the highest quality fabrics and components.
With more than 30 years in the industry, our design experts will give you and your costume unparalleled attention.

You’ll wear the best, and at winning prices.

Here’s what you can expect when ordering one of our truly custom costumes:

Group Rates

$ 195
  • to infinity depending on your budget and imagination!

Tryout Outfits

$ 350


$ 600


$ 450


$ 400

Simple Process


We Listen

Every individual, team, performance, and need is unique. We want to hear your ideas and inspiration, as well as your budget and timeline. Feel free to include photos and sketches with your ideas, every detail helps us get your design perfect!


We Design

Once we receive confirmation on the design specifications and direction of your vision, our highly trained specialists get to work creating the perfect design.


We Deliver

We work to keep the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible. All we need to place an order is a deposit (determined by the total amount of the order) and the measurements of each team member. The final product will be exactly like the design, no surprises here! And, since custom design work is our specialty, our production and turnaround times are considerably faster than industry standards.